Hi. I’m Bryon Sheffield. Most folks call me Shef.

I help companies find and keep customers. From start-ups, just getting their bearings and trying to define a cohesive marketing strategy to mature organizations looking to squeeze a little more efficiency out of existing operations, I can help. And for those companies that aren’t quite sure how to structure the team to maximize results, I can make an impact there too. Marketing strategy. Organizational structure. Performance optimization.

As a marketing strategist and tactician, my clients benefit from 20 years of experience in both the boardroom and the trenches. I have helped companies at various stages in a variety of industries sell the vision to C-suite dreamers and translate instructions to front line doers. I am the connective tissue that turns marketing ideas into bottom line results.

Strategy. Structure. Optimization. Results.

I'm currently taking on new clients.

If you are looking for an experienced executive to dig in and tackle your costliest challenges, I can help. And if I can't, I might know other talented professionals who can.

What do you need help with?